Authentically Bavarian

Our Story

Bavarian immigrant Charles Sekula saw something missing from the German heritage connected to the Hagerstown area – a German-based restaurant. He took a chance and acted on his vision establishing the Schmankerl Stube in 1988. As with any new restaurant the early years were tough, but the hallmarks of good food, quality service and a cozy comfortable atmosphere not only meant the restaurant survived, but it thrived, making the Schmankerl Stube a popular destination.Building Drawing 1

About the time Charles Sekula opened the Schmankerl Stube, Dieter Blosel began his culinary career in Germany. In 1995, Dieter discovered the Schmankerl Stube was in need of a chef trained in authentic Bavarian cuisine. Despite not speaking English, he took the position as Executive Chef. Today Dieter Blosel is also the restaurant’s owner – and speaks English fluently. Charles Sekula continues to greet customers making certain their Bavarian dining experience is authentic and memorable.

Authentic Bavarian Atmosphere

When you enter our establishment, you will feel as if you were transported to Old Bavaria.

Inside our restaurant you will see servers wearing traditional dirndls, memorabilia from Germany, beer steins hanging from the ceiling, all in a friendly setting from which we derived our name Schmankerl (meaning Bavarian culinary delicacy) and Stube (meaning a cozy room). It is not uncommon to hear the German language being exchanged. Pork shanks, hot apple-flavored red cabbage, dumplings, roasts, potato salad, spätzle, are found here, too, as our menus are filled with the classic hearty cuisine of Old Bavaria.

052_StubeOutside our restaurant you will see our Biergarten and Stassencafé with friends sharing stories while enjoying award winning German beer and liquors. You will find the classic German beers being served in ½-liter, 1-liter, and even 5-liter steins.

We serve lunch and dinner menus, as well as Sunday brunch on the last Sunday of each month. Our chef also features a weekly special. We cordially invite you to spend some time with us at our cozy Bavarian restaurant. Prosit!

In Need Of Party Space?

The Schmankerl Stube has been serving guests at banquets, wedding parties, and other company functions for many years. Three dining rooms, the “Edelweiss Room” and the “Wesel Room”, named after Hagerstown’s Sister City in Germany, are set aside for added privacy and have seating for about 70 people (35 each)

Yearning for Fresh Air, Sunshine or Watching the Stars?

The Schmankerl Stube provides its guests with a beautifully designed “Biergarten”, so traditional in Germany for outside dining, drinking and entertaining.  This large outside, open-air patio is a favorite of many guests, who enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the shade of a tree or umbrella, while tasting a superb cup of coffee with one of the many delicious, homemade, German cakes or desserts.  From spring until fall many guests find the secluded open area a perfect spot for intimate conversation and a refreshing glass of wine.


Reservations are strongly recommended. We cannot hold your table longer than 15 minutes past your expected arrival time unless otherwise notified. Thank you for your cooperation!  To make your reservation, call (301) 797-3354 today!

Dress Code

While there is no formal dress code, we respectfully ask that guests please dress in appropriate “business casual” attire.