Curbside Pickup

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Curbside pickup available every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am – 6:00pm until our reopening.

We are collaborating again with Brookes House and donating all the tips we receive to Brookes House.

All orders must be placed the day before pick up.

We will be accepting orders up to 3 days in advance. Orders for

Saturday can be placed starting on Wednesday and orders for

Sunday can be placed starting on Thursday

We are look forward to hosting you soon.

Weekly Menu:


Smoked Norwegian Salmon  

Served with Dill Sauce, Onions, and Capers 

Wurst Sampler

Array of Sausages for two people, served with Mustards and Curry Sauce


Bayrischer Schweinebraten

Bavarian Roasted Pork Served with Hunter style Sauce, Spatzle,

Apple-Flavored Red Cabbage, and Saurkraut.

Ulmer Metzgerplatte  

 Two Bavarian Bratwursts, grilled and served with Saurkraut, choice of Potato Salad

or Spatzle topped with Rahmsauce, and Carrots

Schmankerl Topf    

Beef and Pork Medallions topped with Hunter Style Sauce and Cream of Almond,

served with Spatzle and Carrots

Tiger Garnelen in Dillrahm

Sautéed Black Tiger Shrimp in a creamy Dill Sauce with Tomatoes,

served with Rice and Carrots

Wiener Schnitzel

Lightly breaded Pork, Pan fried, served with Rahmsauce on the side and

your choice of Spatzle or Potato Salad



Munich Cake  

Layered yellow cake with a Vanilla Crème in the center,

topped with a semi-sweet Dark Chocolate


Bavarian style cheesecake made with cottage cheese with a hint of lemon

Apfel Strudel    

Puff Pastry made with Apples, Rum Raisins, and Almonds, served warm with a Vanilla Sauce