Dinner Menu

Vorspeisen – Appetizers

Breaded & Fried Tomatoes | 12
Red Tomatoes, served with our own creamy Schmankerl Dressing

Camembert | 15
Breaded and fried Camembert served with Cranberry Sauce

Escargot | 15
Broiled in Herb Butter

Shrimp | 16
Sautéed in Herb Butter and served on a Bed of Lettuce

Smoked Norwegian Salmon | 17
Served with Dill Sauce, Onions and Capers

Wurst Sampler | 18
Array of Sausages for two people, served with Mustards and Curry Sauce

Herring a’la Hausfrauenart | 13
Herring in Sour Cream Sauce with Pickles, Apple Slices and Onions

Suppe – Soups

Kartoffelcremesuppe | 5 (cup) 8 (bowl)
Creamy Potato Soup

Tagessuppe | 5 (cup) 8 (bowl)
Soup du Jour

Gulaschsuppe | 5 (cup) 8 (bowl)
Goulash Soup

Salate – Salads

Bavarian Mixed Salad | 8
Marinated Vegetables and Lettuce Salad with our own Schmankerl Dressing

Napa Salad mit Gurken and Paprika | 8

Napa Salad topped with Bell peppers, Cucumbers, and European Style Cocktail Dressing

Lettuce Salad | 8
Mixed Greens with Almonds, Tomatoes and our own Schmankerl Dressing

Hauptgericht – Entrees

Schmankerl Wurst Teller | 23
One Wurst each of Debreziner-, Knack-, and Weisswurst, served with Sauerkraut, Grilled Bavarian Bread Dumpling, and Rahmsauce

Allgäuer Käsespätzle | 23
Spätzle (Egg Noodles) with Swiss Cheese and Fried Onions, served with Mixed Greens topped with Carrots, Cucumbers and Schmankerl Dressing

Catch of the Day/Tagesfisch | 28
Based on availability, our Fish is being served with Potato Snow (Riced Boiled Potatoes) and Vegetable of the Day

Hühnerbrust in Vermouth | 26
Grilled Chicken breast in Vermouth sauce with or without Jalapinios, served with Spaetzle and Vegetable of the Day

Filet mit Rotwein Schalotten | 28
Beef and Pork Medallions topped with Shallots in a Port Wine Sauce, served with Dauphine Potato, and Vegetable of the Day

Bayrischer Schweinebraten | 26
Bavarian roasted Pork served with Hunter style Sauce, Spätzle, Apple-Flavored Red Cabbage, and Sauerkraut

Ulmer Metzgerplatte | 23
Two Bavarian Bratwurst, grilled and served with Sauerkraut, choice of Potato Salad or Spätzle topped with Rahmsauce 

Münchener Sahnegeschnetzeltes | 31
Sautéed Beef and Pork Tenderloin Tips in Cream Sauce “Munich Style”, served over Homemade Spätzle with Green Beans wrapped in Bacon

Herzhafter Sauerbraten | 29
Tender Pot Roast in Sweet-Sour Sauce, served with Apple-Flavored Red Cabbage and one of our grilled Bavarian Bread Dumplings

Pfeffersteak “Madagascar” | 44
Tender Filet Mignon grilled to perfection and topped with Sauce made from imported Green Madagascar Peppercorns, served with Potato Snow (Riced Boiled Potatoes), Green Beans wrapped in Bacon and Vegetable of the Day

Krautwickerl | 27

Cabbage Rolls, stuffed with seasoned ground Beef, served in a Demi-Glace Sauce, Sautéed Bacon and Parsley Potatoes

Tiger Garnelen in Dillrahm | 32
Sautéed Brown Gulf Shrimp served in creamy Dill Sauce with cubed Tomatoes, served with Rice and Vegetable of the Day

Grillteller | 30
An array of grilled Beef Filet, Chicken breast and Bratwurst, served with Pommes Frites and Green Beans wrapped in Bacon

Jägerschnitzel vom Kalb | 32
Grilled Veal Cutlets topped with Champignon Ragout, served with Spätzle and Vegetable of the Day

Wiener Schnitzel | 26
Lightly breaded Pork or Chicken, pan-fried, served with Rahmsauce on the side and your choice of Spätzle, Pommes Frites or Potato Salad, and Vegetable of the Day

Lumberjack Filet | 30
Beef and Pork Medallions in a Demi Sauce and topped with roasted Onions, Mushrooms, and Bacon, served with Dauphine Potatoes and Vegetable of the Day

Combo Platter for Two | 57
Beef Filet Medallions, Schnitzel, Nürnberger Grillbratwurst, Spätzle, Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Apple-Flavored Red Cabbage and Green Beans wrapped in Bacon

Knusperige Schweinshaxe | 32
Pork Shank Bavarian Style with Rahmsauce, served with Sauerkraut, grilled Bread Dumpling and Apple-Flavored Red Cabbage

Minimum 24 hour notice required; Pork Shank available without notice on Wednesday evenings after 6:00 p.m. – First come, first served.


Apfel Strudel – Apple Strudel
Apple Strudel served warm with vanilla sauce

Apfel Streusel – Apple Streusel
Apple Streusel served warm with vanilla ice cream

Münchner Doppeldecker – Munich Cake
Double layered cake filled with Bavarian Crème

Käse Kuchen – Bavarian Cheese Cake
Bavarian Cheese Cake

Schwarzwälder Kirsh Torte – Black Forest Cake
Black Forest cake made with Kirschwasser brandied cherries

Mocha Torte
Triple layer chocolate cake with an Apricot Glaze and Coffee Flavored Butter Cream